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The booksellers of Paris are antiquarian booksellers and second hand booksellers present on the Seine riverside, on the right bank, from the Pont Marie to Quai du Louvre, on the left bank from Quai de la Tournelle to Quai Voltaire.

The two hundred forty bookstalls of Paris present on the quays of the Seine more or less five hundred thousand books and countless prints, magazines, stamps and postcards collection.

From the 16th century, peddlers booksellers - booksellers fairground - roam the banks of the Seine, only to fix their "boxes" a few centuries later. With the creation of the Pont Neuf the influence of booksellers increased numerously and the first public readings started, accompanied by musical entertainment and outdoor shows. At the Universal Exhibition of 1900, there were already 200 bookstalls on the quays of the Seine.

The booksellers are part of the Parisian landscape, part of the charming banks of the Seine, they are now a cultural attraction, a historical and literary heritage that the city wishes to preserve and enhance with Parisians and visitors. The Banks represent a pleasant stroll along the water in a rich architectural history.

Beside outdoors Booksellers, the Left Bank is also the address of major bookstores such as Librairie Gallimard, La Hune, L'Ecume des Pages, all located boulevard Saint-Germain, right in front of the Church.

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